Portugal Villas

Picture yourself firing up the poolside barbecue, enjoying a leisurely swim in your own pool, or having a quiet drink on a spacious, private terrace, and it's not hard to see why villas are a popular accommodation choice. A holiday villa in Portugal will let you enjoy the comforts of home in an exotic location.

Compared with a hotel, holiday homes and villas offer more privacy, more space, and can work out cheaper per head. You can save money not just in the price of the accommodation itself, but on the cost of keeping yourself fed and watered. By preparing some of your own meals and buying in drinks and snacks from cheaper retailers, you can slash a good amount off your holiday expenses. 

When travelling as a family with children or with a large party of friends, villas often have the most convenient sleeping arrangements as well as communal areas spacious enough for spending time together.

Added to this is the freedom to decide your own timetable, such as having breakfast at noon or supper at midnight. 

It's possible to find a villa that comes with large amounts of outdoor space, which could be a more pleasant experience than crowded hotel facilities. In addition to swimming pools, some villas will have amenities to rival any hotel, such as spa, golf course, and tennis courts.

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