Castelo de Paderne

Castelo de Paderne
Chapel - Paderne Castle
© Juntas / CC BY-SA 3.0

Ruined castle of Paderne

Not a great deal remains of Parderne's castle, but given its antiquity this is not surprising. Built from sandstone and earth the castle sits on a promontory overlooking the Quarteira River around 10 kilometres inland from Albufeira.

The site was originally used by the Romans in the 2nd century but the castle we see today was constructed in the 12th century by the Berbers. The fort passed backwards and forwards between its muslim creators and the christian re-conquerors over the following century. 

In 1248 the castle was finally captured by the Portuguese forces who went on to massacre all the inhabitants. It remained in service as an outpost until 1858 when it was decided it was obsolete.

Within the walls is the shell of the 14th century chapel of Nossa Senhora do Castelo. This ceased to be used in 1506 when a new parish church was built in the village. There is also a cistern.

There is also a nearby Roman bridge crossing the river Quarteira. Probably built to serve the original fort this stone bridge consists of 3 arches supported on two piers.

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