Palácio and Quinta da Bacalhôa

Quinta da Bacalhôa
Quinta da Bacalhôa
Theo França | BY-SA

The gardens at Quinta da Bacalhôa in Setúbal were first laid out in the sixteenth-century during the Renaissance period. Fully-restored to their former glory in the 1930s, today the gardens continue to demonstrate the fashionable styles of the period. These are typified by neat knot-gardens of box wood and shaped topiary bushes rather than the free-form naturalistic design that became common in later centuries.

Evoking the grand gardens of Italy in form, it is also dotted with stone fountains, statues and pavilions that draw the eye. The gardens are open from 10am – 5pm, Monday to Saturday.

While in the area, it's also possible to explore the rich and much celebrated vintages of the surrounding vineyards, which welcome visitors for tastings.

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