Parque da Mina

Parque da Mina
© Zbigniew Rutkowski / CC BY-SA 3.0
Parque da Mina - Labyrinth
Manor House

Mine Park

The Parque da Mina is a theme park with a genuine theme. Centered on an old iron ore mine the park provides an an entertaining view of the workings of the mine along with a range of fun activities in the surrounding park.

On the heritage side of things you can learn about the workings of the mine, visit the medronho (moonshine) distillery and tour the 18th century manor house. There is also a nature trail through the landscaped surrounds of the Sierra de Monchique with plenty of picnic spots amongst the trees.

The park is home to a small petting zoo with a range of animals to feed from dwarf goats to Vietnamese pigs. For the younger visitors there is a pleasant playground whilst for those a little older seeking an adrenaline fix there's a rope slide.

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