19 Best Things to Do in Portimao

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  • Igreja de Santo António de Lagos - altar
    Altar - Igreja de Santo António
    Lacobrigo | BY-SA

    The church of Santo António in Lagos is one of the finest in the whole Algarve. Dating back to 1707, and then re-built after the Great Earthquake of 1755, it stands as a fine example of the Baroque style of architecture. However, what really sets the church apart is that it has one of the most breathtaking interiors of any of Portugal’s many beautiful churches. Such is the quality of this lavish interior that the church is classified as a National Monument.

    The church is dedicated to Saint Anthony, who was born in Lisbon...


  • Centro Cultural Lagos
    Centro Cultural Lagos

    The Centro Cultural de Lagos (CCL) is a venue for a diverse range of cultural activities, particularly performing arts and visual arts. Events range from jazz and classical music through to stand up comedy and photography exhibitions.

    There are two distinct main spaces within the CCL, the largest of which is the auditorium with its Italian stage and seating for around 300 spectators. There is also a 500 m2 temporary exhibition area of spread over three rooms.

    Exhibitions feature a varied program covering topics including architecture, archeology and history. There are also...


  • Autódromo Internacional do Algarve
    Autódromo do Algarve
    Klugschnacker | BY-SA

    The last time Portugal hosted the Grand Prix was in 1996.  Since then $250 million has been spent putting the infrastructure in place to bring Formula 1 back to Portugal.  The Autodromo, just outside Portimão is a 2.9 mile (5km) circuit which has been compared to the old Nurburgring for its big downhill slopes and hair-raising sharp turns.

    It has been used since 2010 as a F1 testing site and hosts regular motoring events, including the World Superbike Championship and the F1A GT. A five star hotel and a number of apartment blocks can also be...


  • Ponta da Piedade - Lagos
    Ponta da Piedade

    The sea cliffs on the western edge of Lagos create the fantastical rock formation of Ponta da Piedade. Access to this ensemble of grottoes and sea arches is via hundreds of steps cut into the cliffs. However, the best way to appreciate it is by boat.




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