Foz do Lizandro

Foz do Lizandro
© Reino Baptista / CC BY-SA 3.0
Praia da Foz do Lizandro
© Câmara Municipal de Mafra / All rights reserved
Foz do Lizandro - Ericeira
© Praia da Foz do Lizandro / All rights reserved

Just before you reach Ericeira from the Lisbon direction there is a deep valley through which the river Lizandro flows. At the mouth of the river ("Foz") is a wide sandy beach that extends inland, along the banks of the river for some considerable distance.

The beach at Foz do Lizandro is actually the biggest patch of sand in the area. This feeling of space is further added to by the fact the beach is not backed by cliffs. Instead there is a low headland to the south and behind the river meanders through a hilly landscape.

Set in dunes are wooden platforms on which are a few bars and cafes. From here there are wooden terraces and walkways that extend far into the beach at different points.

As a Blue Flag award beach there are no shortage of facilities at Praia da Foz do Lizandro. As well as seasonal lifeguard cover there is a first aid station, changing rooms, toilets and showers. Beach umbrellas and sunbeds are available to hire on the sand too.

Being located near Ericeira it will be no surprise that this is a well known surfing beach. The waves here are often powerful and it tends to be popular when the spots in Ericeira are too small to surf.

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Foz do Lizandro tide times

  • Thu 18th July
    High 12:49am (2.79m)
    Low 6:58am (1.35m)
    High 1:16pm (2.98m)
    Low 7:32pm (1.26m)
  • Fri 19th July
    High 1:43am (2.92m)
    Low 7:46am (1.22m)
    High 2:04pm (3.15m)
    Low 8:19pm (1.08m)
  • Sat 20th July
    High 2:31am (3.05m)
    Low 8:31am (1.08m)
    High 2:49pm (3.32m)
    Low 9:03pm (0.91m)
  • Sun 21st July
    High 3:16am (3.18m)
    Low 9:14am (0.95m)
    High 3:32pm (3.47m)
    Low 9:46pm (0.78m)

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