Praia Azul

Praia Azul Praia Azul
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Just 35 minutes north of Lisbon on a section of toll-free motorway, the beautiful and wild Praia Azul, whose name translates to 'blue beach' is one of the first beaches associated with the famous waves of Peniche. This relatively unspoilt blue flag beach is a long, sandy surfer's paradise located where the Sizandro River meets the Atlantic Ocean. There is fairly consistent surf at all times of the year, with off-shore winds blowing from the east. With good banks this exposed beach break can be big and hollow with heavy barrels, which makes it more appropriate for surfers than swimmers.

The historic city of Torres Vedras is only 15 km away, or you can stay near the beach in one of the apartments currently being developed for tourism on the cliff that overlooks the waves. In 2007 the beach was named a 'Gold Quality' beach by the National Association for Nature Conservation in recognition of the fact that its waters have been of a consistently high quality for the past five years.

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Praia Azul tide times

  • Fri 19th July
    High 1:51am (2.90m)
    Low 7:53am (1.15m)
    High 2:13pm (3.17m)
    Low 8:28pm (1.02m)
  • Sat 20th July
    High 2:39am (3.05m)
    Low 8:39am (1.00m)
    High 2:58pm (3.35m)
    Low 9:13pm (0.85m)
  • Sun 21st July
    High 3:24am (3.19m)
    Low 9:23am (0.87m)
    High 3:41pm (3.50m)
    Low 9:56pm (0.70m)
  • Mon 22nd July
    High 4:07am (3.31m)
    Low 10:06am (0.76m)
    High 4:24pm (3.62m)
    Low 10:39pm (0.60m)

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