Praia da Dona Ana

Praia Dona Ana
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Dona Ana beach

Dona Ana beach

Praia da Dona Ana is often cited as the best beach on the Algarve, in fact it was even described as the 'best beach in the World' by magazine Condé Nast Traveller. That's quite a lot to live up to! Dona Ana beach is the classic Algarve cove; nestled between the sandstone cliffs on the eastern side of Ponta da Piedade, it is sheltered from the breeze but catches all the day's sun. This section of coast is sometimes referred to as the Costa d'Ouro (Golden coast) on account of the yellow/red cliffs that line it. Making a sharp contrast with the crystal clear azure water it is these cliffs and fantastic rock formations that give this beach its unique character making it standout amongst the many other beautiful beaches around. The coast in and around Praia da Dona Ana is littered with sea stacks and grottoes, all of which beg to be explored. Being a blue flag beach means all the facilities you'd expect, including a good restaurant / cafe built into the cliff-side. There Access to the beach is via a long set of wooden steps and whilst perfectly safe may not be suitable for all. The alternative is to take one of the many boat trips from Lagos which will also give you chance to get a closer look at the many weird and wonderful rock formations and grottoes around Dona Ana.

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Praia da Dona Ana tide times

  • Wed 24th July
    High 5:10am (3.30m)
    Low 11:06am (0.74m)
    High 5:26pm (3.56m)
    Low 11:41pm (0.63m)
  • Thu 25th July
    High 5:55am (3.25m)
    Low 11:51am (0.80m)
    High 6:13pm (3.48m)
  • Fri 26th July
    Low 12:28am (0.73m)
    High 6:43am (3.15m)
    Low 12:40pm (0.92m)
    High 7:02pm (3.33m)
  • Sat 27th July
    Low 1:19am (0.88m)
    High 7:35am (3.03m)
    Low 1:35pm (1.06m)
    High 7:58pm (3.14m)

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