Praia da Conceição

Praia da Conceição
Praia da Conceição
© Jorge Franganillo / CC BY-SA 3.0

The first thing to know about Praia da Conceição is how to say it. The 'Praia' part is easy - just say as 'pry-a'. However, the Conceição is a little more of a challenge to those not familiar with Portuguese. Probably the best approximation for an English speaker would be along the lines of 'con-say-shown', with the last part rhyming with 'clown'.In case you were wondering the name comes from a nearby chapel - the Ermida de Nossa Senhora da Conceição dos Inocentes.

OK, now you know how to say it I can tell you about the beach! This is one of Cascais' largest and most popular beaches. At low tide it is connected to neighbouring Praia da Duquesa but the two become separate beaches as the tide comes in. To the east the beach is bordered by the Casa Faial, an imposing 19th century villa. To the other end of the beach is a rocky outcrop which is home to what is probably the best known hotel in Cascais, the Albatroz.

As a Blue Flag award beach, Praia da Conceição has plenty of facilities and is great for families. There is a seasonal lifeguard service and the beach is quite sheltered, being within the confines of Cascais Bay. Access to all of Cascais' shops and cafes is just a quick walk and there is a ramp leading onto the beach making it very accessible.

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Praia da Conceição tide times

  • Fri 24th May
    High 3:45am (3.19m)
    Low 9:44am (0.98m)
    High 4:01pm (3.33m)
    Low 10:10pm (0.93m)
  • Sat 25th May
    High 4:22am (3.15m)
    Low 10:19am (1.02m)
    High 4:37pm (3.31m)
    Low 10:48pm (0.96m)
  • Sun 26th May
    High 5:03am (3.09m)
    Low 10:58am (1.08m)
    High 5:18pm (3.27m)
    Low 11:32pm (1.01m)
  • Mon 27th May
    High 5:48am (3.01m)
    Low 11:41am (1.17m)
    High 6:04pm (3.21m)

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