Praia de Fuzelhas

Praia de Fuzelhas Praia de Fuzelhas

Just along from the beach of Leça da Palmeira, past the Piscina das Marés tidal swimming pool is another stretch of sand - Praia de Fuzelhas.

Whilst much of the shoreline here is rocky, above the tide line is fine golden sand. When the tide does go out lots of rock pools are revealed making this a good spot for kids, with plenty of exploring to be done.

As a Blue Flag beach there are plenty of facilities and the water quality is good. There are a cafes at each end of the beach here and a lifeguard service during the summer.

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Praia de Fuzelhas tide times

  • Sat 1st October
    Low 2:19am (1.16m)
    High 8:34am (2.96m)
    Low 2:49pm (0.96m)
    High 9:04pm (3.06m)
  • Sun 2nd October
    Low 3:11am (0.92m)
    High 9:23am (3.25m)
    Low 3:38pm (0.67m)
    High 9:51pm (3.30m)
  • Mon 3rd October
    Low 3:55am (0.69m)
    High 10:06am (3.50m)
    Low 4:21pm (0.43m)
    High 10:34pm (3.47m)
  • Tue 4th October
    Low 4:37am (0.52m)
    High 10:48am (3.68m)
    Low 5:03pm (0.27m)
    High 11:15pm (3.57m)

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