Praia do Tonel

Praia do Tonel
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Tonel beach, Sagres

Tonel Beach

Praia do Tonel sits alongside the jutting Ponta de Sagres on the very southwesterly tip of Portugal. This dramatic location is exposed to the full force of the Atlantic Ocean and as such is a popular spot with surfers. If there isn't a wave here then there probably isn't one anywhere.

The beach at Tonel is a generous sweep of golden sand backed by steep cliffs that vary from soft, red sandstone to the hard, sheer rock of the headland. But this is the beginning of the Algarve's west coast and is a far cry from the resort beaches further east. Praia do Tonel has a wild rugged feel to it, as it should being located on what was once thought of as the edge of the World.

In the summer the waves tend to be a little smaller and there is a lifeguard patrol on the beach. Whilst this definitely makes things safer Tonel still isn't ideal for families with young children. The sea can be quite unpredictable here and it is renown for having strong currents.

Just offshore is a small islet known as the Lion rock - at a squint, from the right angle it does look a little like a lion! It is quite common to see anglers sat on top of the rock, even when the tide is in and the surf is up - it is something of a mystery how they get out there (and back!).

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Praia do Tonel tide times

  • Wed 24th April
    High 3:21am (3.24m)
    Low 9:22am (0.79m)
    High 3:35pm (3.25m)
    Low 9:37pm (0.78m)
  • Thu 25th April
    High 3:51am (3.21m)
    Low 9:50am (0.82m)
    High 4:05pm (3.24m)
    Low 10:08pm (0.81m)
  • Fri 26th April
    High 4:22am (3.14m)
    Low 10:19am (0.88m)
    High 4:37pm (3.19m)
    Low 10:41pm (0.87m)
  • Sat 27th April
    High 4:56am (3.03m)
    Low 10:51am (0.98m)
    High 5:11pm (3.11m)
    Low 11:18pm (0.97m)

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