Lisbon Trams Guide

Number 28 Tram
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One of the most iconic symbols of Lisbon are the old trams which rattle around the winding streets and avenues of the city. First established in 1873 the city has been running electric trams since 1901. The current trams are a mix of the vintage and the new, but when one thinks of a Lisbon tram it is most likely to be one of the old, yellow 'remodelados' which date back to the 1930s.

Despite its rather archaic appearance the tram system in Lisbon works brilliantly. In fact in a consultation in the 1990s it was decided that the old, single carriage trams were better suited to Lisbon's steep, narrow, winding streets than more modern alternatives. Not only that, they constitute almost as much a part of the city's cultural fabric as any monument or building. Pick up a guide book to Lisbon and look at the photo on the cover - I rest my case!