Jardim da Estrela

Jardim da Estrela pond and cafe
Estrela Garden and Basilica
Estrela Garden

The Jardim Guerra Junqueiro as it is officially known is one of Lisbon's largest and best parks. Still known to most as the Jardim da Estrela the park covers 4.6 hectares (11.4 acres) in Lisbon's city centre. The park is surrounded by history; overlooked by the stunning, domed Basílica da Estrela to one side, there is the old English cemetery (Cemitério Inglês) and the Military Hospital on the other. The cemetery dates back to the early 1700s and its most celebrated inhabitant is novelist Henry Fielding (author of Tom Jones) who died in Lisbon in 1754.

Inside the imposing cast iron gates the park itself is well stocked with a variety of plants including many exotics. There is also some exotic bird life with the park being home to a few peacocks and some parakeets. The layout of the Jardim da Estrela, with it's winding paths makes it easy to find a peaceful bench in the shade to watch Lisbon life pass you by.

With an abundance of facilities this is a popular park with locals and visitors alike. Much of the parks activities takes place around the central lake where there is a cafe.

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