Museu Militar de Lisboa

Museu Militar de Lisboa - Lisbon Military Museum
Museu Militar de Lisboa

Military Museum

The Museu Militar (Military Museum) in Lisbon is located below the Alfama on the site of a 16th century foundry where amongst other things cannons were cast. Many of the weapons on display now significantly predate these; medieval weapons such as maces, crossbows and lashes; 14th century mortar cannons. The museum's star exhibit is the two-handed sword of Vasco da Gama which stands as tall as a man.

There is a considerable collection representing the 'age of chivalry' with many suits of amour which would have been custom made for the crusading knights and their horses.

One of the more contemporary collections reflects Portugal's involvement in World War I. There are faded photographs of Portuguese troops on the front-line, medals, bugles and helmets with bullet-holes in.

As well as the exhibits themselves many of the rooms are richly decorated with epic murals depicting military scenes from Vasco da Gama's voyages to the Napoleonic invasions.

Located across the square from Lisbon's Santa Apolonia station, the Military Museum is a good spot to while away an hour or two whilst you wait for your train.

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