Museu Municipal de Peniche

Museu de Peniche Azulejos

Peniche Town Museum

While its name might not give much away, the Museu Municipal de Peniche (or Peniche Municipal Museum) is as dramatic as they come. For one thing, the museum's galleries occupy the ancient chambers of Peniche Fortress, which has stood on the rocky foreshore of the peninsula since the 1500s. For another, it spans the history of Portugal from the 40,000-year-old Neolithic finds of Furninha Caves, through boatmaking and traditional lace weaving, to the modern era.

Also known as the "Museum of National Resistance and Freedom" exhibits therefore include the visitors' room from the time the fortress was a prison for anti-fascist campaigners who fought the Estado Novo regime which didn't fall until the mid-1970s.

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