Troia Roman Ruins

Troia Roman Ruins
Troia Roman Ruins
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Troia Ruinas Romanas

The Roman Ruins of Troia (Troia Ruinas Romanas), span 500 years of history starting back at the beginning of the first millennium. The lives of the ancient Roman occupants of the city during this time can be explored and understood through what they left behind – cemeteries, heated bathhouses, and even stone tanks for pickling and otherwise preserving fish for shipment right around the empire.

Located opposite Setúbal on the north-western side of the Troia Peninsula, the complex includes almost 200 different fish-processing tanks, demonstrating the vast scales that were being used even then. Guided tours are perhaps the best way of getting the most out of your visit, although it's also possible to walk the same streets as Julius Caesar's descendants independently.

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