1 of the Best Beaches in Braganca

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  • Praia do Azibo
    Hugo Cadavez | BY-SA

    In a country that has been shaped by its coastline, from historic times through to the modern tourist industry Praia do Azibo is something of an oddity. A quick look at the map will confirm that Azibo is about as far from the coast as you can get in Portugal. In fact it is actually closer to the border with Spain.

    Azibo beach is in fact situated on a large reservoir created by the Azibo dam around 40Km from the city of Bragan├ža. There are several advantages to having a beach on a lake...



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The name of the region of which Bragan├ža is the capital belies its nature, being that Tras-os-Montes, quite literally 'behind the mountains', is easily the most remote part of mainland Portugal, if not western Europe. Here,...