Meia Praia

Meia Praia - Lagos
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Meia Praia
© Martin Robson / CC BY-SA 3.0
Meia Praia - Straw parasols and surf
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Meia Praia beach

Literally translating to 'half beach', this vast expanse of sand near the interesting old town of Lagos wraps itself around one of the biggest bays in Europe. The wide bay offers protection from rough seas, which makes this long beach of soft, white sand particularly popular with families.

Meia Praia is dotted with snack bars and restaurants, making it an ideal choice for those of you who enjoy long, sandy walks, while the absence of rocks under the water make it a popular destination for kite and wind surfers. But don’t worry; when the wind is strong there are numerous sheltered sandy coves nestled between the cliffs on which to take shelter.

Other sports on offer include paragliding, sailing, volleyball and tennis, which is perhaps why the beach seems to attract backpackers, who walk from Lagos via the marina (about twenty minutes) to congregate at one of the many beach bars.

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Meia Praia tide times

  • Thu 23rd May
    High 2:53am (3.12m)
    Low 8:52am (0.90m)
    High 3:10pm (3.24m)
    Low 9:15pm (0.86m)
  • Fri 24th May
    High 3:29am (3.12m)
    Low 9:26am (0.90m)
    High 3:44pm (3.26m)
    Low 9:52pm (0.85m)
  • Sat 25th May
    High 4:07am (3.09m)
    Low 10:01am (0.93m)
    High 4:22pm (3.24m)
    Low 10:31pm (0.87m)
  • Sun 26th May
    High 4:47am (3.03m)
    Low 10:40am (1.00m)
    High 5:02pm (3.20m)
    Low 11:13pm (0.93m)

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