Praia da Luz

Praia da Luz
© Bengt Nyman / CC BY-SA 3.0
Praia da Luz
© dronepicr / CC BY-SA 3.0
Praia da Luz
© Vitor Oliveira / CC BY-SA 3.0

The little holiday resort of Praia da Luz is located about 6 kilometres to the west of Lagos. Once a sleepy fishing village, Luz has largely hung up its nets with the beach being the biggest earner these days. Since the 1980s the resort has expanded rapidly around the sandy beach which is now backed by rows of whitewashed apartments and villas, and a palm-lined promenade. It has to be said that despite all the development Praia da Luz still retains plenty of charm.

The beach itself is a lovely stretch of fine sand which gently slopes into the usually calm sea. This not only makes it a safe place for families with children but makes the water feel a little warmer close to shore. In addition there is a lifeguard service during the summer.

As a popular resort there are no shortage of facilities here with a good choice of cafes and restaurants lining the sea front. During the summer months there is plenty going on, in and out of the water. It can actually get a little on the busy side but when the tide is out there is always a quieter spot further up the beach. This section of the beach has more rocks so is ideal for snorkelling, or rockpooling when the tide is out.

To the east the beach is dominated by high cliffs which culminate in Rocha Negra - the "Black Rock". This section of cliff stands out from the neighbouring sandstone and is formed of basalt which was deposited by an ancient volcano in Monchique 150 million years ago.

A little further along the coast to the west, next to the fort, is a much smaller (and quieter) beach. This little beach (Prainha da Luz) is quite sheltered and is great to swim and snorkel off the rocks at high tide.

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Praia da Luz tide times

  • Thu 20th June
    High 1:49am (2.96m)
    Low 7:51am (1.06m)
    High 2:10pm (3.13m)
    Low 8:19pm (0.99m)
  • Fri 21st June
    High 2:32am (3.03m)
    Low 8:30am (0.99m)
    High 2:50pm (3.23m)
    Low 9:00pm (0.90m)
  • Sat 22nd June
    High 3:14am (3.08m)
    Low 9:10am (0.94m)
    High 3:30pm (3.30m)
    Low 9:41pm (0.83m)
  • Sun 23rd June
    High 3:56am (3.12m)
    Low 9:51am (0.91m)
    High 4:12pm (3.35m)
    Low 10:24pm (0.79m)

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