Praia dos Alemães

Praia dos Alemães
© Kolforn / CC BY-SA 3.0
Praia dos Alemães
© Vitor Oliveira / CC BY-SA 3.0

German Beach

Praia dos Alemães (German beach) is part of the long stretch of golden sand that takes in all of Albufeira's main town beaches. Don't read too much into the name as you are equally likely to see British or Dutch beachgoers as you are German. The name actually comes from an old fish canning factory located nearby which was owned by a German family.

This beach is the most easterly of the main Albufeira beaches, making it the furthest from the old town. As such it is somewhat less developed and has a more natural feel with sandstone cliffs, pine trees and rocky outcrops as a backdrop. This does not however mean it will be quiet. Although maybe not quite as busy as Praia dos Pescadores or Tunel, Praia dos Alemães can get somewhat crowded, especially towards high tide when space is at a premium.

As a Blue Flag beach Praia dos Alemães is ideal for families and is very much geared up for children. There are plenty of activities both in and out of the sea with the most popular being the floating inflatable playground. All this under the watchful eye of the seasonal lifeguard service.

For the grown ups there are a few bars and cafes - or even a ride on the banana boat if that appeals!

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Praia dos Alemães tide times

  • Sat 13th July
    Low 1:49am (1.31m)
    High 8:05am (2.65m)
    Low 1:58pm (1.43m)
    High 8:23pm (2.76m)
  • Sun 14th July
    Low 2:38am (1.40m)
    High 8:59am (2.60m)
    Low 2:57pm (1.50m)
    High 9:20pm (2.66m)
  • Mon 15th July
    Low 3:37am (1.45m)
    High 10:00am (2.59m)
    Low 4:07pm (1.52m)
    High 10:26pm (2.61m)
  • Tue 16th July
    Low 4:41am (1.45m)
    High 11:06am (2.64m)
    Low 5:18pm (1.47m)
    High 11:34pm (2.64m)

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